I’m Tara Lynn. I have the heart of a Midwestern girl and the energy of a city woman. I am an artist who met the love of my life on the subway in New York City and now calls Boston my home. This city has captured my heart and my love for my home runs deep in my soul. Theatre was my first artistic love- moments of beauty are exposed by reveling in what it means to be human and that to me, was a beautiful and amazing act. As a Masters of Fine Arts Directing student at Boston University, I first picked up a camera and felt a rush of excitement. I could be a director, choreographing human moments and then hold them still forever. I started photographing Weddings and found a profession that unlocks the very best aspects of who I am as an artist and as a person.

"Beautiful is a feeling and when you glow from the inside,
photographs of you are vibrant, sexy and soulful."
On the Wedding Day, I want this feeling, this glamour, this passion, this romance. I want to be part of an electric energy that stems from deep love that exists between two people whose souls have found a home in one another. I want couples who are unafraid of the deeply human moments that are part of this amazing celebration - to let joy and emotion run freely and to be present in each moment.
As a Wedding Photographer, I am part of an amazing celebration, part of a moment when two people promise that they will give their hearts to the person whom they love most. It is a courageous and passionate act and I feel honored to witness it. I believe my husband and I are living proof that if you give to one another with complete abandon, your love will just keep getting better. It will just keep getting deeper.

Neither of us know how many days we have left on this earth, but the love I have for him makes me wish, hope and pray for thousands and thousands more together.
"As your Wedding Photographer, I build a trust and rapport leading up to your celebration so that on your day, we are a dynamic team. "
I discover what makes your eyes light up and how to capture that spark, that feeling that can only be seen by two people so deep in love. Candid moments are amazing and of course, are a part of your beautiful collection of photographs. But I LIVE for portraits on the Wedding Day. I am in my element when you give me a gorgeous bride, excited and nervous as I capture her looking breathlessly beautiful before meeting her love. Family portraits are almost always some of my favorite images of the day. There is nothing more beautiful than the looks of pride and love coming from a family who loves one another deeply. In my mind, I know how important these images will be when someone from that family is no longer on this earth. To be able to hold that image in your hand and remember that moment is a gift I am honored to be able to give. My time with the Bride and Groom is my most exciting. During this time, your love for one another is captured, immortalized and becomes the image that will make your day flood back to your mind and heart. You will show your children. You will, hopefully celebrate your Golden Wedding Anniversary and look back at that beautiful photo from your youth as you rock the dance floor still in one another’s dancing arms. (And if you are me, you will still try to lead even though you are the woman, because although a sweet Midwestern girl, I am quite the spitfire).
I want you to be in love with your photographs

as well as in love with the experience of working with me.
I am honored and excited that you are considering me to play a role in what will no doubt be one of the most significant days of your lives. I look forward to a gorgeous, fun-filled and exciting journey ahead with you both!