Answers to common questions here & always happy to speak more about your experience in person or via phone and email.

  • When do I need to book you?

    Each year, I hold an exclusive set of dates open for potential couples and take a maximum of 10 couples per year. In New England, the months of August-October tend to be the most popular wedding months, so if you think we will make an awesome pair, contact me as soon as your date and venue are set. Booking in advance is a big stress reducer and gives you the best chance of your date being available.

  • How do you know who my VIPs are and what elements of our wedding are most important to us?

    Approximately 8 weeks before your wedding I will email you a Wedding Day Action Planner which asks all of the important questions I need to give me a great sense of your celebration. 1 month before your Wedding, I like to plan a Skype date or phone call to talk through your Wedding Day Action Planner and make sure we are all on board with the flow of the day. At this time we can make any adjustments to the timeline if necessary. In my years of experience, the most common thing that occurs is that formal portraits are squeezed into too short of a period of time. A minimum of 45 minutes is required for formal portraits, but more time if your bridal party or family is very large or if additional groupings are requested beyond that of immediate family. Ideally, I love to have at least a combined time of 1.5 hours for formals and the bride and groom portrait session as these are the shots that are really going to be invaluable in the future.

  • My wedding is taking place at a location where specific rules need to be followed. What do you do as a photographer in these situations?

    Communication is so central to putting together a wedding day and I pride myself in being very strong in this area of my business. Places of worship are the most common location where I need to follow specific rules. I speak with the coordinator at the location to understand their wishes and adjust accordingly. I may have to rent a lens I don’t own as I can’t walk past a certain point or I may not be permitted to use a flash during the ceremony. I develop the best strategy for me and set expectations with you during our planning meeting to make sure everyone is informed as best as possible.

  • When do I get to see my photographs?

    Your photos are all online within 6 weeks of your wedding date through my online proofing website. I know how exciting it is to relive your day so I pride myself in sticking to these timelines.

  • How do you work with your clients to design albums?

    While it is certainly not mandatory, if clients star their favorites in their online gallery, I can get a sense of what images are most important to them. I choose a collection of images for the album, retouch them and make any artistic edits before creating the design. I present the album with Album Exposure which is an online slideshow of the album design. I allow one round of changes to the album before I send it to print. Additional changes can be requested for an additional fee. I pride myself on being a great communicator and this process has served me well. Be sure to check out some of my latest album designs!

  • Do you run actions on every shot?

    Artistically, my style is classically vibrant and beautiful. Therefore, I am not a big fan of some of the extreme edited looks out there. I want you to look back at your images 10,15, 20 years later and still see a modern, gorgeous shot rather than evidence of a current fad. Wedding clients can expect between 500-700 images. Of these images, every one is color corrected. I do give some special attention to the best of the best (approximately 50-100 images). All images in your wedding album are also given some additional retouching for the most gorgeous and polished album possible.

  • Do you bring lighting to receptions?

    While strobes and other off camera lighting is awesome to work with, weddings tend to move too quickly for huge set-ups. Secondly, couples spend a lot of time and money to make their receptions look amazing. I use really fast lenses, so if there is enough available light, that is ideal. But I do bring a 3 speedlight setup that allows me to get great action shots on the dance floor even when the room gets cozy and dark. And that starburst of light when you get it just right makes for some really rocking shots.

  • What lenses do you use and when?

    At this moment, my favorite lens is the 70-200mm as I am in love with its sharp focus and beautiful compression, giving me the dreamy background I love. My 85mm and 50mm are amazing portrait lenses and my 24-70mm is a staple lens during the ceremony as well as the reception. For intricate details I use a 100mm Macro. My current collection of lenses are serving me well and my other wishes would just be a little extra icing on the cake.

  • Should I book a second photographer?

    I am equipped and experienced in photographing weddings solo, but having another photographer hired for your wedding can be a great advantage. The photographers that accompany me are fellow colleagues and pros in the field and their presence allows for more coverage and photographs from a greater variety of vantage points.

  • How do you shoot and process your images?

    I am a Canon girl and I shoot RAW & set to Manual all day. For me, I can’t imagine any other way. When post-processing, RAW provides so much more opportunity than JPEG and it is a choice that has yielded the best possible quality for my clients. I use Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for post-processing.

  • What are your thoughts on make-up?

    For portrait sessions and engagement sessions, I usually recommend that ladies wear a bit more than they typically do on a daily basis to really make their features pop. Eyes and lips are my favorite, so some extra mascara and a great gloss can go a long way. While the smoky eye is in style, take a test picture at your trial and make sure you like it on camera. For weddings, make sure your make-up artist is someone you trust. Do a trial and make sure you feel beautiful and comfortable. Feeling fantastic about yourself reflects in your shots. You can just tell when someone feels like a million bucks. (Oh, and don’t forget to bring that powder to get rid of shine- especially in the summer months!) While you want to feel like yourself, the camera loves a bit of drama such as lashes, defined eyes and a rich lip.

  • What to wear, what to wear…

    I remember crying in the dressing room of the bridal salon during my first wedding gown fitting. I hadn’t thought to SIT in my dress and when I did, I felt so uncomfortable about my chest and knew I would not enjoy everyone looking my way at the reception. It was altered and all was perfect, but make sure on your wedding day that you can dance, sit, jump for joy, walk without thinking twice. For engagement sessions, chose clothing that complements one another and that you both feel smashing in. I always tell my clients to feel free to express what makes them unique. A killer pair of shoes, unique accessories or a bright color can really add some uniqueness to your pictures. Again, it is about being able to move and also looking and feeling your absolute best. It will show, I promise!

  • I am having a destination wedding. Are you available?

    I would be happy to create a custom quote for your destination wedding! Please contact me and provide the details of your event. Photographing in a new environment is always a welcome experience!

  • I love your website! Who designed it?

    My blogsite is a custom design by the team at Flosites. They guide you through a very personal process in which you express the kind of photographer you are and your business. I love that my site is classy with an energy and spark that I have as a woman and artist.

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

    I am always re-inspired by my continued work in the theatre. We are always seeking truth in the characters we bring to the stage and this passion for human connection and human truth is what I seek in my work with my clients. I am inspired by the natural chemistry that happens when two people are in love and from there I shape the couple based on what excites me about the light, architecture or moment that is in front of us. In the industry, I am inspired by Jerry Ghionis, Lindsay Adler, Susan Stripling, Sandy Puc, Dane Sanders, Angelica Glass and Jeremy Cowart. Through their teachings and the people they are, they are creating amazing images and empowering photographers throughout the business. I am inspired by a couple in my life who defines the vows of marriage every day of their lives together- they remind me what true and honest love truly is.